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This is the First Day of the rest of my life!

This is the First Day of the rest of my life!



A Painting A Day is no new concept in the art world, in fact a Google search will bring up so many of them you wouldn’t know where to start. Most peter out very quickly as it takes a lot of discipline to do something everyday, especially with artwork.

I feel my Painting a day differs to most and I hope it will stand out from the masses in that the concept I have chosen focuses on a daily post of art information both business related as well as insight into the daily life of a New Zealand painter that should interest artists working in New Zealand who are trying to build a career out of their art as well as art buffs who are simply curious as to what goes in in an artist's world.

In my arts career I have been very fortunate to deal with other aspects including running my own art space, creating an arts cooperative (It wasn’t full of cooperating going ons but that’s another story!), managing a commercial gallery for the past few years, teaching art and mentoring of other art practitioners that has seen me doing motivational speaking for arts groups and a constant stream of people contacting me for advise on the things I have come to deal with on a regular basis like copyright, dealing with galleries, paperwork, exhibiting etc etc.

I will be doing a 'really simple' painting each day that involves something to do with a dot, sounds simplistic doesn’t it, and no they won’t be for sale as they are part of another project I have in mind which will be revealed at the end of the 365 days.

I am hoping that creating something every day will give me that much needed ‘breathing space’ we artists need to feel fulfilled in some way so keeping it simple will mean Im less likely to fail at this project.

Most of the artworks involved with this project will utilise the scraffito technique however with 365 days to fill, there will other things happening too and I ask you my readers to feel free to ask me about other techniques or any art related matters that you would like to know more about.


Id like to thank the Hamilton Community Arts Council for helping fund this project which will end up being a guide to other artists on subjects that may help them build their careers. A big thank you to Ricoh copiers also for providing the printed material that will make up part of the final project at the end of the year.

Posted: Friday 1 January 2010


  • You are a true artist in the way you
    inspire others to do it. Truly an
    amazing lady
    Posted: 2010-01-09 22:48   by Paulene/Red
  • Looking forward to being inspired
    and informed (again) by you - what
    a treat - you are so talented!
    Posted: 2010-01-02 22:56
  • happy newyear....look forward
    to 'the daily dose' :)
    Posted: 2010-01-01 14:24   by jette
  • Best of luck for a project of such
    magnitude Collette. May each day of
    2010 provide you with the
    inspiration, vision and perspicacity
    to succeed. I look forward to seeing
    how your work develops.
    Posted: 2010-01-01 10:42   by Carl W-Downes
  • All the best for your dotty
    endeavour. I look forward to seeing
    each of the artworks as they emerge.
    Posted: 2010-01-01 10:18   by Yvonne
  • All the best for your dotty
    endeavour. I look forward to seeing
    each of the artworks as they emerge.
    Posted: 2010-01-01 10:16   by Yvonne

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