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Four Seasons in one day!

Four Seasons in one day!

Like whatever, where is summer, it’s the last day of it and we are all feeling like it never really came, and what happened to every other season for the past few years, they have all rolled into one another and we literally are getting four seasons in one day.

New Zealand is renowned for it and our band  (Not yours Australia.)Crowded House even wrote a song about it. I have given up the amount of times I’ve heard tourists say, “It was fine only a minute ago and now its pouring with rain.” (Use your imagination on accents, mine was in German!) or the “Damn I put some washing out this morning it will be soaked by now,” (that one in a kiwi accent as even we don’t seem to get it, do we, this out of wack season thing that is?!)

So I’m calling for a new season title, we don’t get a defined Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring anymore, so I’m proposing  ‘FASTWAST’ season, which stands for FUCK ALL SUMMER TIS WINTER, AUTUMN & SPRING TOO. If you can come up with a better one by all means bring it on, I’m just pissed that my washing is wet because it was sunny this morning!

Posted: Friday 6 April 2012


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