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So I have a thing about Eyebrows okay!

So I have a thing about Eyebrows okay!

Now listen up good because even your best friend won’t tell you stuff like this. Mainly because they don’t want to hurt your feelings but also because the mere fact you might have ugly eyebrows means they will look better than you so why help the competition. Well some people are like that but generally it’s because they know you would be devastated if they told you, you had something bad going on with your face, it's not nice to be rude or nasty after all is it?!


So here goes, if you are a blonde, bottle or natural, DO NOT pencil your eyebrows in with black pencil okay! If you don’t get mistaken for an off duty prostitute, people will think you’re a clown on your way to entertain at a children’s party. It simply isn’t attractive. There are some beautiful shades of blonde and dark brown brow pencils out there which give you that definition you want and probably need, I know this because my eyebrows are naturally fair and if I didn’t tint them or wear brow pencil, I looked like I didn’t have eyebrows, very scary look indeed.

The same goes for dark haired ladies, if your eyebrows are naturally light, get them tinted, you can even do it yourself, chemists stock home tinting kits and it’s easy enough to do. At the very least pencil them in with a matching brow liner, as in one that is close to your hair colour.

As for natural blondes with natural dark eyebrows, you are doing ok, natural looks natural so all good, just make sure you keep those brows plucked and tidy, you don’t want to look like you have a couple of  over grown gardens on that fair skin of yours!

Let’s not forget the guys either, some of you have mono brows and have cared enough to get out the wax or razor and trim or remove a strip down the centre to take that singular beasty back to two individual eyebrows, your friends are not going to tell you that a straight up and down strip that looks like you ripped off a sticking plaster from between your eyes  looks just as ridiculous, please boys if you are going to do some hair removal, try smoothing off the corners a little, it looks a lot more natural and people are not going to look at you and think ‘ that man is trying to disguise his mono brow’ because they still will if you don’t tidy it up nicely.

Fashions come and fashions go, some of you may remember Brooke Shields way back in her early days with her wild at heart eyebrows all untamed and unruly, it looked ok on her, she had a drop dead gorgeous  pretty face and could get away with it. Anyway it sparked a trend and every now and then some fashion magazine says its back in again, I’m sorry but if you’re not drop dead gorgeous and your brows seem to be competing with your forehead, then don’t do it. The same goes for the bleached to invisible eyebrows, okay on super models it can pass as fashion in a weird sort of way but it’s still a little strange unless you have hair to match and a fabulous tan under it for definition.

Now I think it’s given that if you are colouring your hair or using a brow pencil then you care about your looks and want to look more stylish. I suggest you go have a look in the mirror and check if your brows match your hair and if not, try one of these tips I have mentioned or try asking someone you trust what they think, hopefully they will be honest with you. You have made a start just by reading this blog so there really isn’t any reason to not get it right from now on.

For your entertainment here is a collection of strange eyebrows that will make you feel very normal indeed!  STRANGE EYEBROWS LINK -

Posted: Friday 6 April 2012


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