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Experimenting with your look

Experimenting with your look

Experimenting with your look


I’ve always been one to experiment with how I look and not because I’m unhappy with any aspect of myself but because it’s fun to try out new things and discover something about yourself that you may not have already known simply by changing something about the way you look.

My all-time favourite is the 1950s bombshell movie star look, I got into a bit in my early 20s and delighted in the way I was suddenly treated like a lady. I like doors being held open for me, being told I look fabulous or pretty and yes I even think wolf whistles are okay too, what’s wrong with a man showing his appreciation for all the effort you made to look gorgeous? I can see feminists rolling in their graves over that one, but the reality is, I am the one in control here, I’m not allowing myself to be groped or mistreated, in fact I feel I receive much more in the way of respect dressing like this than I did at any other time in my life.  Having been blonde most of my life a change to deep dark brunette in recent times has me now thinking, do blondes really have more fun, as I’m having a much better time on the dark side my darling!

1950s clothes suit my figure best, they’re more feminine and are made to show off curves, even the fitted stuff does! I haven’t always been comfortable with my curves and every now and then I go on a health kick to get back into shape but these days its more for being healthy than skinny. There is so much obsession with thin it’s no wonder there are so many unhappy people out there, always competing to be the thinnest or worried what others think. Getting grumpy because they are living all day on a cracker and one carrot stick, where’s the fun in that? It would be nice to have been blessed with skinny genes or a fast metabolism but hey that’s not the case so weighing it all up, be happy and curvy or unnaturally skinny and an unpleasant bitch, I know what I prefer! Yay for all the natural skinny people I know there are some of you out there and I am truly happy for you, you don’t need people telling you you’re too thin either but I’m getting off track here.

If you are too afraid to try a drastic hair colour change, I suggest going to try on wigs, it’s a good way to see if a colour will suit you ok and hey why not try on different lengths and styles too, you never know, a short bob or super long curls may be just what you needed yet were never brave enough to try. Then talk to your hair stylist, they will know what colours will suit your skin and what styles will work with your type of hair and face shape, when I went dark, I let my stylist choose a special cocktail of colours to suit me, and although I’m an ex-hairdresser myself, I trust someone else to do my colours and cuts for me, half the fun is not having to think about it myself but also the pampering I receive when I’m in the salon, I always leave feeling like a movie-star so it’s well worth it!

So what about your wardrobe? What to wear and what not to wear? Do you have a friend who will tell you if your bum looks big in it? If not, its time you started talking to your friends more, if you do then yay you’re half way there already. Suck it up and have a styling session with each other, throw away the stuff you look terrible in and work through different ways you can wear different things, you might be surprised what you both come up with.  Play around with accessories and combinations of colours and styles; it’s amazing what different looks you can get out of your wardrobe just by teaming up different things. One of these days (Very soon too!) I’m going to set myself a challenge to wear one dress or suit all week with different accessories and see what happens, who wants to join me on that? I’ll even post photos.

Anyway when it comes to feeling good about how you look and feel, that’s what really matters, be happy in your own skin. The secret to looking amazing doesn’t take being a super model, you simply need to glow from the inside out, love who you are; focus on all the wonderful and special things about who you are and reap the rewards. If you don’t believe me, have a look around, the most beautiful people who you want to spend your time with are usually not the stereotypical hotty, they can every day ordinary, big or small, and it’s all how they behave.  And don’t forget a smile costs you nothing and is contagious, try it! 

Posted: Friday 6 April 2012


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