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The 52 Project

The 52 Project

52 days Blog day 1

My 2013 New Year resolutions included the usual lose weight and get fit, but this year I have added in extra in the form of the ‘52 project.’ I have committed to creating 52 different things this year which include up-cycling, making things like vinegar and maybe even cheese, some art thrown into the mix and a few crafty projects all which Ill photograph and put on here. I also committed to trying 52 different cafes as last year I barely went to more than the same half a dozen all year, not good if I’m trying to broaden my horizons and try new things. The real reason was that people were talking about this place and that place and I felt quite left out in that I’d never even heard of them, let alone visited them! I’m going to rate the coffee, atmosphere and service. And last but not least I have committed to posting 52 posts on my blog, I think I should manage that ok, considering I tried to post once a day for 365 days for one new year’s resolution, all and good if Id had more of a broad subject matter but I didn’t, and failed miserably! Only managing to do around 200 posts all up I think!

So here goes with my first post of the year-

Coffee at Robert Harris in Te Awa, I’d never normally stop at a café in the middle of a mall but as friend works there we thought we would support him and buy our coffee there. 9/10 for my mochachino, the service was excellent and although in the middle of a mall, it was private at our table yet provided good people watching viewing, so all in all, a good experience!

What did I make this week? I’ve been working on doing up my guest bedroom from teenage hot pink and bright green to a neutral beige (Much more gentle on the eye!) and for some extra finishing touches I made curtain tiebacks

and a matching red cushion for the bed.

Simple and basic, but both made from scratch. I’m pleased with the results and all that it cost me was $15.00 for a metre of material, a couple rings for each tie back, two hooks and a cushion insert.

Next week I’m up-cycling a boring grey dress with a new look that includes a sailor girl influence……watch this space!

Posted: Tuesday 8 January 2013


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