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That Sailor Dress

That Sailor Dress

Week two in my 52 project. Its been an amazing week with lots on going on. I've managed to complete more than one of my resolutions including the upcycling of an old grey dress that was actually on the pile of stuff to throw out only days before my brainwave revamping idea.

I liked the idea of a sailor inspired theme and although initially i was going to use navy to trim it, I went with white as it seemed fresher and I thought much easier to accessorise in different colour-ways if i wished to. I even entertained the idea of dying the dress navy and adding white but then we all know what disasters home dye can do to white things!

This is the before and after shots

The grey dress was a little too short for me and it looked rather boring and non-descript, the addition of a couple white bands at the bottom gave it the extra length required while a tube of the same material created the tie and helped balance out the whole look as well as creating the sailor look I had planned for. The addition of 4 white buttons on the midriff finished it off. I think I could have spent more time with the sewing  as it could have been neater but over all I'm generally pleased with the result and it attracted several compliments when I wore it this week!

The cafe of choice this week was the French Tart Cafe just over the Fairfield bridge in Hamilton. Its a cute little cafe that has a nice atmosphere and the coffee was nice. I only say nice because it was a nice flavour just that they served my Americano in a small cup and although they gave me a jug of hot water it was the usual story of where they hell was i supposed to put it. The point of an Americano is that its a watered down long black. Served this way you have to drink a few mouthfuls of strong coffee then add some hot water to get half the taste you were after, add more hot water and hopefully get it right as in not too watered down for the last few mouthfuls  Cute cups but not ideal for the concept. I also didn't like the barstools we had to sit on, they were uncomfortable and had no backs so not a relaxing experience. There were other chairs but none were available. A good sign to see a place that full however. Id give them a second chance but this time its a 7/10 score!

I also completed one of my "Try 52 new things"this week. This one was a biggie as it was also on my bucket list. Ever since i first saw the Waitomo Caves Hotel way back when i was a teenager, I had wanted to stay a night there. Its an impressive old hotel built in 1908 with a Victorian wing and then a Art Deco wing that was added in the 1930's. It sits on top of the hill before the Caves entrance and is said to be haunted. My  husband and a couple friends came along also as we thought it would be a fun experience to try. We wore costumes from the 1900's and had a lovely meal on the balcony with the staff treating us like royalty, we even got a tour of the old ballroom and managed to get a few ghost stories out of the staff (reluctantly at first but then they opened up!) After a lovely evening with a few drinks and a lot of laughter we retired to bed not expecting any more to happen, well that soon hanged. Needless to say, I now strongly believe in ghosts and although i never felt threatened I found the whole experience a little too real and rather overwhelming! I highly recommend the place as somewhere to go for ghost-hunting if that's your thing but at the very least a lovely meal or a few drinks is a must! You need to book as they tend to be a full house, so here is their website, the photo of the hotel in the evening is rather impressive don't you think?

Next week I'm making a bow belt to go with my 1950's outfits!

Posted: Tuesday 15 January 2013


  • as i wouldnt sleep the night there again! Thanks for popping by Grace, its lovely to hear from you!
    Posted: 2013-01-23 06:42   by Collette
  • Collette - wow what a night. You're more brave than some of us who believe in ghosts without having to see them.

    The work on the sailor dress looks awesome. Great transformation.
    Posted: 2013-01-20 09:26   by Miss La Belle
  • Collette - wow what a night. You're more brave than some of us who believe in ghosts without having to see them.

    The work on the sailor dress looks awesome. Great transformation.
    Posted: 2013-01-20 09:16   by Miss La Belle

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