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Week 4 of the 52 project

Week 4 of the 52 project

This week I spent some time doing up my old dressing table. I have a regular suite in my bedroom but in dressing room I have a gorgeous old dresser with a winged old fashioned mirror. The molding on the mirror is quite elaborate but it was looking tired and the old gold simply didn't go with the rest of it. I was going to go to all the effort of using silver leaf but it would have ended up messy, time consuming and not necessarily a good finish so instead I spray painted it with a chrome spray and it came up beautifully, I also painted the cupboard door and drawer in the dresser so it now matches and finished it off with a new bench top giving the mirror room to sit properly. A few bits and pieces like battenburg lace, crystal dishes and fancy bottles and it now looks like the dream hair and makeup space I always intended it to be!

But that's not the thing I made for the 52 project; I had hung all my headbands over the mirror cluttering it up so what to do with them? A headband hanger of course. I puchased a long piece of wide grosgrain ribbon in cream with a smaller matching piece that has a red stitch through it and finished it off with a lovely red satin bow. These are simple to make and inexpensive, all you need is half a metre of wide ribbon, a metre of smaller ribbon, a D ring for hanging it up and the ability to hand sew. I chose to make my loops different sizes to accommodate the different widths of headbands I have. I also chose to make my holder extra long as I have a crazy amount of headbands! So now all I have to do is hang them up!

And what coffee did I visit this week? I tried out another Robert Harris cafe, but this was just for convenience as it was directly across from my work and I was on limited time to have a coffee with a mate. Yet again I couldn't fault the coffee, I had a mochachino and it was delicious. 9/10 this week, really glad I haven't had a bad coffee yet!

Well done Robert harris Westfields Hamilton.


Posted: Sunday 3 February 2013


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