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Week 5 - Jam Basement Cafe & a skirt/chemisette

Week 5 - Jam Basement Cafe & a skirt/chemisette

I have had this material sitting around for ages and planned on a pretty skirt as there wasn’t enough to make a dress. I came up with the concept of a chemisette to match so it would look like a dress if I wore a low-cut top or if I wanted it to just be a skirt I would leave that off.

If you don’t know what a chemisette is, I’ll explain, they are like a bib or fake camisole top that you attach to your bra straps, generally they are used to cover up excess cleavage and are really handy if you want to wear a low-cut top or dress for the day and then easy to whip off for the quick drink after work look where its ok to show a bit of the girls peeking out!!!!

It also means no heavy layers or bulky clothes both to wear and to hide in your bag when you have whipped it off, nor do you need to get undressed to remove it.

In my photo I have tucked the chemisette under the bra so you can see that it isn’t attached to the skirt. The lace around the edges is a more practical thing than for being pretty as it helps the material to stay put under your top.

Here is a photo of it on its own so you can see how it works, the loops are elastic and they go under your bra strap and around the buttons, you can slide it up or down depending on how much coverage you want or need.

I have made these for several other skirts and everyone thinks I’m wearing a dress when I put them on. I like the versatility of it in that I can wear different tops with the skirt and make it obvious when it is just a skirt too.

I call this my bluebird skirt and have finished it with a vintage eggshell blue trim that also helps to keep the skirt full. In these photos I have teamed it with my blue petticoat made by the gorgeous Amiee at Vamporium  and a couple different tops for the dress effect. Bit disappointed you can’t see much of the chemisettes in the photos, they tend to show more on me and not so much on the mannequin (I think my chest maybe a little bigger then dolly’s which helps!)

I think my blue bow belt would work well on the white top with this outfit, Ill sohw you that one next week hopefully!

Finishing up with my café of the week, I visited Jam Basement Café on Victoria Street. You can check them out on I’m a little biased on this one as they display my artwork and the owner Ivan is a really cool guy who has always been supportive of my art giving me my first ever solo show in Hamilton way back in 1990s!

The coffee here is amazing  and I really mean that, the extra treat of some brownie with your coffee is one of those touches that brings you back to a place as well. So Jam Basement Café gets a 10/10 from me.

The décor is groovy too, old lounge suites and even a kids corner complete with old desks, makes this a cozy and friendly hangout. My art friends and I meet up regularly and love it! Go check it out, Im sure you wont regret it!


Posted: Wednesday 6 February 2013


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