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Week 6, Tiki's, wine vinegar and Momento

Week 6, Tiki's, wine vinegar and Momento

Week 6

I have to admit this week has been a busy one for making stuff, I have completed several projects so I’m a little ahead of myself on the 52 Project, so what do I focus on this week?

Being a frustrated artist and back working full time I’d had very little time to paint and with some significant sales this past fortnight I got my mojo back and completed some mini Tiki paintings along with a few hours on a new skull painting for an exhibition at Jam Basement Café in April.

I didn’t have a lot for time to be creative with paint and often spent my lunch breaks at work getting these little Tikis finished. I’m sure my workmates think I’m crazy, but hey I’m an artist, it comes with the territory! These three little canvas’s are 20cm x 20cm and on boxed canvas so ready to hang. They are acrylic and finished with resin eyes that have a holographic effect through them.

3 Tikis by Collette Fergus

These little beauties will be sent to The Little Gallery of Fine Arts in Tirua in a couple weeks but if they take your fancy, hit me up, they are for sale after all!

One other thing that came to fruition this week was my home made vinegar. I started it back in the 2nd week of the 52 project. It’s not something I’d normally make but since I had a batch of home-made grape wine that I didn’t particularly like, I thought it would make a nice red wine vinegar. Now vinegar is and isn’t that simple to make, I had thought if you just leave the top off it turns to vinegar but that’s not how it works. You have to introduce a bug called a ‘Mother’ that turns the alcohol into vinegar, it takes about 3 weeks but can take up to 6 months from what I understand. The hard part for me was finding a ‘Mother’ as they are not easily accessible. A bit of reading showed me you can use a vinegar that has an active one in it. It took a bit of hunting but a local health food store does stock active vinegars. In my photo you can see the large wine carboy with an airlock on it, this is still actual wine and will be used to continue feeding the ‘Mother’ as you can keep making vinegar as long as it remains active and you feed it with more wine. The squat jar in front is the wine that is working its way into vinegar, it needs a wide top to get air, and has a mesh cover that is soaked in a meta bisulphite solution that sterilises it and prevents any other bad bugs getting in. This jar lives in the hot water cupboard as the vinegar requires a regular warm environment to work in. I have topped this up with a bottle of my home made plum wine to create a different flavour which will go in the other slim bottle you can see in the photo next to the finished product, The Red Wine Vinegar. I think I may even try flavouring some with rosemary or garlic, but that’s for another time, I need to find uses for this stuff first! If you want to try this yourself have a read of this site

My café of choice for week 6 was Momento in Hood Street, Hamilton. We went there for a delicious breakfast. I ordered a mochachino which was good, I can’t say it was the best coffee I’ve had but I’m more likely to be able to make a call on it when I have a long black… I reserve my judgement on this one for now. Let’s just say I would go back, the service was good and the place was buzzing.

Posted: Wednesday 13 February 2013


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