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Week 8 a collar necklace and Zee Cafe

Week 8 a collar necklace and Zee Cafe

I found this blouse at an op , it looked like it had never been worn and I had no plans to wear it as it was, the whole idea behind this purchase was to create a collar necklace, so I purchased the blouse simply because I thought the collar looked perfect for what I wanted to create.

You may or may not have seen that collars are in at the moment, all the fashion jewellery stores have versions at present, I however wanted a material based one as all the jewellery ones were either too garish or had gold on them and I’m more a silver girl. I had a look around on the net and saw a lot of material collars so I thought why not try and make one if I can’t find one to buy.

I cut the collar off with an extra inch of fabric to turn up inside and hand stitched it all together, I could have used my sewing machine but I think the hand sewing was nicer and it meant I could work on it in my lunch break at work. I kept the hidden button closure it had so I could do it up and then the addition of pearl buttons completed the collar and here I am wearing it.

After having worn it all day at work I realised that it needed to be tighter as the damn thing kept turning around and sitting funny, so I will adding some snap fasteners which you wont see when its complete but they will make it easier to wear.

My café visit this week was to Zee Café down the Boulevard in Hamilton. Its right next to my favourite material .  We stopped in for some lunch as well as a coffee. The meal was nice but  I found my coffee to be a little too weak and way too hot, also considering no one else was there it did take them a while to bring our coffees out,  so probably wouldn’t choose to go back at this stage.  4/10 

Posted: Monday 25 February 2013


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