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Week 9, Diva Shower-cap and Palate

Week 9, Diva Shower-cap and Palate

It’s been another crazy busy week with  lots of social commitments that saw me going straight from work to things, full lunch breaks and literally no free time to do any making or creating, so lucky for me I had created a few extra bits and pieces over the past 9 weeks! Needless to say I have nearly run out of those so the needle, glue gun, paint brishes and sewing machine simply have to make an appearance this week if I am to continue keeping on track with this 52 week project!

This week I have for you a pimped up shower cap, all Diva stylish and OTT! If you have to wear one of these things to keep your glorious locks safe and dry, why not an extra pretty one with lace and flowers. Here is my version of what I think shower caps should look like!

As for cafes well socialising meant I got to go to a few different places, but my pick would have to be Palate in the Hamilton CBD. A classy establishment on the edge of the Waikato River (Rare to have that I can tell you, as it’s the most under-utilised feature of our landscape here!). we had an evening meal there to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary and finished off with special coffees, now I know that means extra tasty, cant beat a bit of liquor or alcohol in general for jazzing up a coffee but seriously, it’s the best special coffee id ever tasted, They call it the Bavarian and it had delectable like strawberry liquor, Kahlua and chocolate cream in it. Its not actually easy finding places that do special coffees, so it was a rare find to have it on the menu and someone who could make it properly! 10/10 for Palate. I highly recommend them for their service, cuisine, décor and special coffees! Definitely going back there.

Posted: Monday 4 March 2013


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