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Week 10, that Bow Belt and Momento #2

Week 10, that Bow Belt and Momento #2

Ok so finally I’m going to show you the beautiful blue bow belt I created to wear with my full circle skirts and pencil skirts. The material was a one way stretch denim so perfect for this belt. It was simple to make and if you would like to know how to make your own, I have included several sites you can visit that will show you how to make them in slightly different ways.

This is my one-

The café of choice for this week was Momento at the north end of Hamilton by the farming family sculpture. The café is nice and modern and the staff were friendly and professional. I ordered an Americano here and didn’t need to explain what it was, they served it up in a larger cup and brought it out with the extra hot water so extra points for that! The coffee was nice so Momento scores a 8/10,  and yes id go back there. 

Posted: Monday 11 March 2013


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