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Week 12, Good wine and Bad coffee

Week 12, Good wine and Bad coffee

Week 12 sees a batch of wine created or more like, finally finished, as it takes quite a while for the whole process to happen. I feel that it is considered created this week because it was finished, bottled and ready to go as of last night so to speak. The artwork of course is one of my paintings as I first started making wine as a showcase for my art and had intended it as an accompaniment for my exhibitions.

This particular batch is passion fruit and mango and smells heavenly. My wine is low in sulphites and preservatives so its much better for you and guess what it's normal to not get hangovers from it even though its still in the 11-12% range of alcohol!

To be honest I'm slowly winding down my wine making hobby as I don't have the much needed time to dedicate to it and drinking alcohol isn't really high on my agenda these days so its not getting consumed as much, in fact I give away more than I drink!

Collette Fergus Wine

Making wine is a great hobby though if you're interested in doing it, you do save money in that each bottle rarely cost more than a couple dollars to make, but I suggest you make it with quality in mind rather then saving a buck as it means a better finish and taste and leaves you with a product you can be proud to share with friends.

For any help or advice go check out  for more info, the crew on there are very helpful.

Found my first disappointing coffee, sad but true. Not sure if they were having a bad day, if its the machine or what, but I really found this weeks coffee burning hot and very weak. I ordered a long black and had to wait a good 10mins before it was drinkable. I do like my coffee hot but not burn your mouth hot!

The venue was the cafe at Mitre 10 Te Rapa in Hamilton, and because I do need to visit the place occasionally, I will give it a second shot, but this time they scored a rather dismal 3/10

Posted: Monday 25 March 2013


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