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Week 14, palmy and a selection of headbands for VVDO

Week 14, palmy and a selection of headbands for VVDO

Being Easter weekend, we made a trip away to visit our daughter in Palmerston North so it was obviously going to be meals out and coffee s galore, so this week I have my pick to catch up on the extra week I was behind, cheeky I know but I'm not really measuring it as a weekly thing anyway, it was more the final figure of 52 coffee s and 52 things to make!

My favourite place was not one I'd have picked ordinarily, it was attached to a music and looked a bit like the 'Friends' set, further investigation showed me it was an ex Starbucks so that explained the American influence I guess!

We chose Marbecks as it was the only place that served the varied diets we all had and because it was where we were ping, never mind time ticking and it would have been lunchtime instead of breakfast. The coffee was quite good and I have to admit I really loved that they had plenty of newspapers to go round and an awesome view of the square, so lots of interesting things to look at while enjoying a cup of coffee and some breakfast. I had an Americano and they knew what it was so that gained them points right from the start. Marbecks gets 8/10 I have been spending this week creating more hair accessories for the Very Vintage Day out on the 13th April, I am showing a mix of them as I felt it was cheating to say I made them all this week!

My good friend Karen will be showcasing her beautiful dresses that she hand makes herself at the VVDO, this is her business card for contact details

Posted: Tuesday 2 April 2013


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