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Week 13, still in palmy and a new artwork

Week 13, still in palmy and a new artwork

Carrying on from this week and using the second favourite cafe I visited in Palmerston North as my catch up cafe visit, I chose 'Tomato' a rather funky little cafe on the corner of a street filled with cultural type s and cafes galore. This cafe had wild looking tomato vines painted all over the walls, a huge tomato on the roof, tomato table numbers and bright red tomato coloured cups, and get this, real tomato plants in the planter boxes outside which I thought was pretty unique, the music was Salmonella Dub while we were there which seemed to fit into the scheme of things as in alternative! The coffee was nice, the ambience good too, so I'm giving them a big 9/10

My week 14 creation is the finally finished 'Metal Head'an artwork created for my next exhibition which was sadly cancelled at the 11th hour due to the site changing to something else....long story ok! Anyway this piece is part of my skull series, based on the mexican Sugar Skulls. This particular piece was created for the 'Green'theme that the show was centred around, so rather than just choosing the colour green, I chose to go with upcycling, using left over piees of metal like jewellery and washers etc, hense the title 'Metal Head'.......I hope you like it.

Collette Fergus skull painting

Posted: Tuesday 2 April 2013


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