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Week 15, Casalinga and skull jewellery

Week 15, Casalinga and skull jewellery

Café Casalinga was our cafe of choice this week, its in Hamilton East but not in the main ping area, more like just past the Te Aroha St roundabout. We felt it is a hidden treasure, being a sunny day we sat out in the private courtyard, considering the traffic that was passing by, it was tranquil and relaxing. I had an Americano and it was fabulous, we agreed the coffee was worth the visit and stayed for lunch. I liked the cups and the fact they didn’t ask me if I wanted milk or served my coffee in a midget cup. They even brought a decent sized jug of hot water do Casalinga scores a 10/10

I made jewellery this week, a silver collar and earrings with red skulls. As I couldn’t find a bigger skull I added a black button behind the necklace one and it worked exactly how I wanted it to, even the holes in the button lined up with the eye sockets in the skull adding an extra dimension. Really pleased with the result and cant wait to wear this combo. 

Posted: Sunday 7 April 2013


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