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Too sick to socialise and a pretty pearl necklace

Too sick to socialise and a pretty pearl necklace

Woe is me, I’ve been sick this week so in effort to not spread the germs further I have stayed away from my 52 cafes part of the project this week. It doesn’t help that I’ve barely been able to get out of bed wither so I’m going to have to catch up on that one next week.

As for crafting, I have had this particular project on the back burner for a while so being laid up in bed gave me the chance to look at it and it didn’t take that long either. I have always loved pearls and have several strands, none of them real sadly but some better than others. For this particular piece I took four different sized and length costume sets of pearls and wound them together, they needed to be inter-linked so that when they came off they didn’t unwind……something I only found out would happen when I knocked the whole thing over and had to start again. Looking forward to wearing this now as I think it turned out superbly fabulous! Next week Im back to sewing, because I need new clothes!

Posted: Sunday 21 April 2013


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