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Week 18, a polka dot skirt and Iguana

Week 18, a polka dot skirt and Iguana

Although my blog appears behind, its been more a case of loosing my camera cord and not able to upload images until today! The cord reappeared and Im back on track! Yay!

I've been busy sewing, and needing a shot of bright things, I have been making more clothes, this time a pencil skirt in sexy hot red with white polka dots. Its made from a stretchy knit material which I found stretched a bit too much for my liking on its first wearing so it may have to go back under the needle for some extra work. I am planning on adding some white top stitching to the seams as there are panels down the front and sides that dont show too well without something like you can see from this photo.

It us extremely comfortable and I think its stylish so Im happy with it! 

For coffee I went to a favourite restaurant. it wasnt particullary busy so it was a bit disappointing that it had gone downhill on some things like service and meals not being up to par, but I still rate the place, my coffee was excellent and served with chocolate buttones, a nice and welcome touch! I lvoe the decor here and the rusticness of the old building. They have a touch of the pinup in their menu and advertising which of course appeals to me, so thats their saving grace for me. Definietly top of my list for return visits after all they may have just been having a bad day for the other things. 8/10 for Iguana, on Victoria Street, Hamilton

Posted: Sunday 19 May 2013


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