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Week 21 Express Cafe and some shoe clips

Week 21 Express Cafe and some shoe clips

With a name like Cafe Express (in neon lights at that!) we nearly gave this place a miss. It came highly recommended by another visitor to Palmerston North and since we were short on time to find breakfast before an event we had to be at, it was the first place we saw open, so in we went.

The place looked much better inside than the exterior would have given away and there were a lot of people there, always a good sign! Well ok usually a good sign, there have been moments of large groups giving the illusion of somewhere being great only to find they had made a mistake also!

Breakfast was really nice but I was disappointed in the coffee, they didn't seem to know what an Americano was and I had to ask for the hot water, by the end of our meal and two coffees I had three huge pots of hot water on my table, maybe a mistake by staff who weren't vigilant or maybe being sarcastic for me asking for it! The coffee itself was average in flavour to be honest so I wouldn't go back if it was just for a coffee, so sorry Cafe Express only rates 5/10

These are shoe clips, I made them to dress up a plain pair of shoes making them more versatile. This set are black satin ribbon with shiny black buttons, you can see the clips on the back, they are clips made for clip on earrings so perfect for slipping on shoes without creating an edge that would rub on your feet.

These ones look good on both the front and at the heel of my shoes where the pirate ones ive just started and I'll show you next week are best suited for the front!

Posted: Wednesday 12 June 2013


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