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Week 22, Bulls has a goose and some more shoe clips

Week 22, Bulls has a goose and some more shoe clips

Still on our travels, we made a stop in a small town called Bulls on our way back from Palmerston north. A bit of a late lunch as we were starving and of course a need for some coffee for the many hours of travel still to do. I saw this cafe when we passed through on the way to Palmy and thought it looked a bit of alright. Bulls is a very small township, blink and you'll miss it sort of place. Mother Goose sits on the corner, you simply cant miss it, a bit of a historic type building and nicely done up at thta. This cafe was full of local art and hand crafts and all sorts of other goodies, if id have had time id have browsed further.

Our lunch was really nice and the coffee really nice too, not perfect but hot and full of flavour, they got my Americano right so they gainp oints ofr that! 7/10, I recommend stopping here if youre passing through!

As promised here are the Pirate shoe clips, they have the same backs as last weeks clips as in clip on earring clips so easy to add to shoes.

I love the little pirate flags, they are rubberised buttons from Spotlight, easy to add. here they are the on the plain shoes I will be adding them to when it suits -

Posted: Friday 14 June 2013


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