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Week 23 another Jam Cafe and some hair thingies

Week 23 another Jam Cafe and some hair thingies

As you will know from my blog I'm quite a fan of the Jam cafes and this week i finally made it to Jam at Queenwood. This location has always been good for the cafes that have come and gone from there and Jam was no different, buzzing with activity. I liked how its more relaxed and casual unlike its predecessor, with the mandatory black walls and comfy old furniture. My work mate and I stayed for lunch which was nice but I have to say the coffee was yet again exceptional! I had my usual Americano and it was perfect, the taster of chocolate brownie a winner also! So definitely going back to Jam, does help its not far from work or the gym! 10/10


Hair accessories this week, I needed something to go with my up cycled red blouse that I still need to show you, so I made these pieces out of the leftover material from the sleeves. The bow is quite large and has a metal clip on it, I created it to go in behind a pretty bun, it's a little bit big to wear on the side so the comb was created to do that function, I cut a long strip of fabric and roughened up Te edges to give it more texture, then simply wound it between the teeth of the comb and glued down the ends? I added on a cute red button to dress it up and to be honest I think I like it better than the bow.

The hair comb came in a pack of 5 that i got from Spotlight, having gone back blonde I needed combs that wouldnt be glaringly obvious like my bown and black ones are, these clear ones are perfect. theyre also nicely shaped and the teeth dont dig into your scalp, so i recommend these if you plan on making similar stuff. they work out at about $1.00 a piece so not expensive at all! I love the idea of personalising my own hair accessories, lets hope i dont get too carried away and end up with so many I'll forget I have them....kind of like my over kill with shoes and costume jewellery!

Posted: Sunday 16 June 2013


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