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Machina and a baby bib

Machina and a baby bib

52 weeks, 52 projects and 52 cafes. Well I'm managing to keep up with the cafes but I'm way behind on the projects, some half completed and some just simply not even thought about yet. Its hard work finding the time with a full time job as well! But I will persevere. I feel as long as I complete all 52 things by the end of the year I have been successful, so here goes with number 24......

Machina is a bustling cafe that I know pretty well, having been there quite a few times before. I KNOW they have great coffee so it was no surprise to find they still do have awesome coffee. I stayed for a couple cups it was so good. I had to had them in here and i know people are eagerly reading my reviews and id hate to not let them know about this place. Machina has connections to good old Raglan and is based in London Street in the CBD. They are always busy and well worth a visit 10/10 Machina.

I had a go at making a teeny tiny baby bib this week, it wasn't easy! Sewing through several layers of material including fluffy new towelling wasn't easy, you can see it in the binding, but hey it makes it more special being a little bit wonky! As my first grandchild is well on his way to arriving I thought it was high time I made something for him and this is where I'm starting Gorgeous baby blue with white air-planes and a white towelling back with royal blue binding and a secure snap fastener that i had fun bashing in with a hammer!!! I think next time I might make it like the pattern suggests and sew it inside out so the seams are on the inside instead of binding! Id also make it a bit bigger.

Posted: Monday 8 July 2013


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