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Week 25, Napier and an Ugly Soft Toy!

Week 25, Napier and an Ugly Soft Toy!

A trip to Napier in the Hawkes Bay for an Arts Symposium meant Id get to check out some local cafes and my favourite would have to be the Photographers Gallery Café in Tennyson Street Napier. It helps that it is also a gallery, so you can check out the art while enjoying your lunch and/or coffee. We sat at a large kitchen table that was stacked high with interesting books for people to read or flick through, many titles catching my eye and wishing I had some lazy afternoons to just sit there and read some!

It also helped that the décor is retro vintage, the ladies room delighted me with its entranceway adorned with a sheer nightie and slippers and around on the sink bench was a set of authentic 1950s hot rollers!

The coffee was divine and certainly worth going back for so these guys get a 10/10 rating from me, I will definitely be going back there for a coffee fix next time I’m back in town!

I haven’t been getting any creative time in lately but I do want to share this Ugly toy I made recently for a friend’s baby shower. This is her holding it! Im so pleased she loved it because it sure was a strange looking bear, I make different ones with no real idea how they are going to turn out! 

Posted: Sunday 21 July 2013


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