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Week 27, Hydro Majestic and a strip of bunting......

Week 27, Hydro Majestic and a strip of bunting......

Best coffee so far, this cafe has always had a good reputation for its food and coffee and I've never been disappointed so far. This visit was no exception but I have to say the mochachino I ordered was the best I've ever had and worth going back for more. I will still have to try a long black as that's a real deal breaker for me but for now this was amazing. The flavour of hazel nut in the chocolate was a divine touch that made this coffee truly delightful.

The Hydro Majestic is not easy to find for those out of town or out of the 'know' but when you do find it, it's well worth the effort, down Wellington St at 33 Jellicoe Dr or by our infamous "Wellington Beach" you feel like you're going into deep suburbia.......don't be fazed you are going in the right direction, you will suddenly chance upon the place with plenty of street parking and indoor as well as outdoor seating. The decor is eclectic, with a mix of vamp and retro.

 My 52 week item I made was a strip of bunting flags in baby blue for my soon to arrive grandson. I cut the flags out with my super cool vintage pinking shears, double backed them and sewed them together onto bias binding. The word 'BABY' is hand painted by moi! We made the call to not put bubs name on it so it could be used again for future arrivals! Cute huh, I think so anyway!


Posted: Monday 5 August 2013


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