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Week 28 Joes Garage and a redo of an Apron

Week 28 Joes Garage and a redo of an Apron

I've heard a lot about Joe's Garage, which is in the old Bourbon St building in Bryce St central Hamilton. I was expecting it to be sort of run down and budget from the name so it was a big surprise to find it was actually quite a classy joint all modern and stylish. It is the sort of place I could picture myself working on my laptop in between meetings or having coffee with an art colleague. The decor is based around mechanical style things, as in very industrial but also comfortable and funky, large windows and bar leaders along with booths and a toy box for kids in the corner. There is even a nice outdoor area.

The coffee was ok, to be honest I didn't really rate that, but the staff were really attentive and helpful and the breakfast I ordered was really nice. Eggs benny with salmon. I liked the fact they put the hollandaise on the side in a bowl rather than drowned the meal with it like most places tend to. The coffee came with a bite size piece of cake also which was a nice touch so Joe's Garage I'd come back to give the coffee another go, today you rate  8/10


My thing to make this week was an apron revamp, i brought this apron a while back but didnt really like its ties or ordinaryness! So i gave it a makeover, heres the before and after photos

Posted: Sunday 11 August 2013


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