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A riverside cafe and some more wine!

A riverside cafe and some more wine!

A trip to Auckland meant the need to stop for a coffee on the way and why not the Riverside Cafe as it looked like it might be nice! It certainly is riverside, utilising the view by almost sitting on the top of the river itself, something Hamilton needs to look at doing. Watching the water flow past was mesmerising.

i wasn't impressed with the service or the coffee to be honest, both were sadly lacking and considering  this would be a stop over for tourists due to its convenient visibility to the highway and very well signposted tourist I felt it wasn't a good look for any tourists who might stop here. The coffee was weak and watery and tasted burnt and it didn't help it was alonst thrown at us, spilling on the table so we had to wipe it up ourselves, very disappointing. The ladies toilets weren't obvious like the gents,

 a silly little sign saying you have to go through the back of the to find it and some rather grumpy looking keepers who looked like they wouldn't be impressed if you didn't buy something on the way through we're enough to make me hold off until reaching Auckland. 2/10 for this sorry. I wouldn't go back for a second chance either, it just wasn't what I expected.

I'm not doing a lot of winemaking these days, even though its not really that time consuming, I really am time poor so I've wound down the operation to just the wines we really like and much smaller amounts. No more supplying exhibitions and workmates free bottles! Feijoa is one of the favourites and best yet the fruit is free, as we have two large trees on our property that produce very large and very sweet fruit. I don't like the fruit itself but it makes an impressive drop of wine that's delicious to drink on a hot summers days. Please ignore the date on the label, its not accurate, I had a whole heap of labels printed and these were leftovers, waste not want not I say!

the painting on this label is from the infamous Boozehag series

Posted: Sunday 25 August 2013

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