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Week 30, baby shower invites and a visit to Cinnamon

Week 30, baby shower invites and a visit to Cinnamon

Yes I know I'm still quite behind on the blog entries but we are getting there. Number 30 also coincides with my daughter being 30 weeks pregnant so I thought it fitting to add her baby shower invites to this posting. They're not an original idea of mine, I saw a similar version on pinterest so gave it a go myself and created some pretty blue nappy style invites for my daughter. It wasn't as easy as it looked either, it took several attempts to create a template that folded up nicely but once I got it right it was plain sailing after that. We went for a raw ripped edge for the white insert to give it a different look and brought some wave scissors to do the frilled edge on the nappies.

a bit of crafty work with a hole punch, some white ribbon and a safety pin finished off the look we wished to achieve and to be honest we were quite pleased with the end result.

heres what it looked like all finished

...and here what it looked like unfolded.

The baby shower itself was a huge success, lots of food, wine, blue cupcakes, blue punch and lots of fabulous friends to share it all with. Thank you to all you amazing ladies who came along to help my girl celebrate.

Cinnamon cafe is a fabulous little cafe out in the burbs in Hamilton, its really close to home so I'm delighted its a good place to go as I'm certainly going to be returning! The service is spot on, friendly staff, great food ad atmosphere although it was a bit noisy on this visit so we moved outside to get away from the table of squealing teenagers! 

The coffee was truly delightful, very flavoursome and just the right temperature, evn the cups were nice. 10/10 for Cinnamon, well worthy of top marks, you can find them in sandwich Road Pukete.

Posted: Monday 9 September 2013

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