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Week 32 Juekbox Cafe and an Exploding Box

Week 32 Juekbox Cafe and an Exploding Box

Coffee at the Jukebox Diner in Railside Place, Hamilton is not too bad! The café is designed to look like a 1950s diner and is part of the Classics Museum, a car lovers paradise. As you are probably aware I’m into vintage and love this sort of thing. There are statues of Elvis and Betty Boop, a jukebox playing 1950s hits, booths to sit in and the staff wear cute little uniforms from that era. The only complaint I would have is some of the staff let the team down with their lacklustre attitudes and disinterest in serving their customers. Thank goodness they weren’t all like that!

I had a mochachino which tasted nice, so I still need to go back and try the real tester of a long black or Americano, meaning I intend to return! I would like to go see the car museum but I’m waiting on out of town  visitors who have a similar interest and we can all go together! 8/10

This week’s craft item is an exploding box, which is sort of like an extra special greeting card, I came across the idea on pinterest, see here for instructions on how to make one -

 I made mine for my daughter, who needed cheering up while heavily pregnant, it has pictures of her unborn baby, her cat and things like special quotes from a Mum to a daughter about this time in her life. It took much longer than I had inticipated to create this item, sourcing the extra little bits and pieces and the pretty papers wasn’t as quick or as easy as I’d thought but it certainly was worth the effort. I added 3D items like the cupcakes and a butterfly mirror, owls were a huge theme and lots of pink! Heres the finished item

Posted: Monday 30 September 2013

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