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Theobroma Chocolate Lounge and a fix up job

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge and a fix up job

It seemed a sin to have a coffee at the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge in Chartwell, as the hot chocolate just seemed to beckon and want me to order it! It was honestly the best hot chocolate that I've ever had too. Made with real chocolate, you even have the choice of dark or milk chocolate and the unusual mug that comes out even has its own tealight candle to keep it warm! I would give this a big 10/ to try and resist temptation and try an actual coffee!


My made item this week is actually a fix up job on something I made for my eldest daughter whne she was born. It is an alphabet chart made out of felt and entirely handstitched by me! Looknig at it now, it looks a little $2 type of thing but it certainly isnt. Having been in storage for years even Id forgotten how many hours of effort went into stitching each tiny piece but Im glad I did, it makes it all that more special. Sadly two little pieces had gone missing, the E and the Z had disappeared so I got to sewing again and recreated the items for the chart. I think originally the E was an elephant but I wanted to make a pretty easter egg instead. The Z simply had to stay as a Zebra, I mean what else could it be anyway!

Here is a photo of the chart


And these are the little goodies in each pouch


The Easter Egg and the Zebra are the new pieces, the Zebra isnt as cool as the original one but hey it was 20 years ago I made this, I cant remember how I made the first one!

Posted: Sunday 20 October 2013

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