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Week 35, Metropolis and a different pincushion

Week 35, Metropolis and a different pincushion

Metropolis is on Victoria St in the heart of the coffee and cafe district and its been here a long time. It recently changed hands so I thought I should pop along and have a look.

I had time for two coffees today as I did a leisurely lunch which was really nice.

The first coffee was a mochachino, it came out in a huge bowl which was a surprise and it looked super pretty, with marshmellows and both cinnamon and chocolate on it, so much so I took a photo for my blog and here it is 10/10 -


The second coffee was an americano which is my usual yardstick for really tasting the coffee but sadly this one didnt measure up it wasnt ther best tassting coffee so a bit disappointed in that one. I think I'll stick to the mochas when I come back here as they are worth the visit!


The craft project this week was a mini pincushion for my sewing machine, another idea I got off I'm constantly leaving pins all over my sewing desk and they end up on the floor etc etc so it was a really good idea to make one of these. Basically its just a mini pincushion with a ribbon sewn in each end so you can tie it around your sewing machine. I used the same material I was using for my latest dress as it matches the red and and white of my sewing machine.

Here is the pin cushion attached to my machine and in action. I'm so glad I made it!

Posted: Monday 28 October 2013

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