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Week 36, Grey Street Kitchen and a baby headband

Week 36, Grey Street Kitchen and a baby headband

I've been to the Grey Street Kitchen when it first opened and it was a super busy popular with the in-crowd sort of place back then. We went for breakfast and although it wasnt awful, it wasnt good either. The service wasnt the best, serving only one meal when we had ordered two and not clearing things off the rather small table to accomodate large plates, meaning we had to sort some of the dishes ourselves!It was super noisy which I found distracting and the coffee was rather average, I had a mochachino and wasnt keen to try an americano if that wasnt tasting the best. Lets hope it was just an off day as it wasnt like how it used to be :-(  so only a 4/10 sorry

This week i made a cute little stretchy headband for my daughters friends baby girl. I found some really soft stretch lace and created a little flower for the embellishment, its in newborn size so the next one will be bigger as babies grow so fast! This headband is so tiny, only 12.5 inches in circumference but thats what I was told to do so I hope it fits ok!

Heres a photo-

Posted: Sunday 10 November 2013

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