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Week 37 Milk & Honey and a 21st Gift idea

Week 37 Milk & Honey and a 21st Gift idea

This would have to be the most amazing cafe in Hamilton, its a hidden gem at the top of the T&G  Building in Garden Place. It's not a huge place and there isn't any real signage to let you kno where it is which might be for a very good reason!

The view from 5 floors up over Garden Place is stunning and although I an show you a panoramic (note crooked style!) photo of the view, it doesn't really show how cool it really is. you need to come experience it for yourself on a sunny day and sit out on the balcony to enjoy your coffee/cake or meal.

The kitchen is tiny and it was bustling when we arrived, so there isn't a big choice of food, but what was there looked really nice, being a little different to the usual cafe fare of custard squares and sausage roll genre!

I had a blueberry and lemon muffin and my daughter had a brownie, both of which were really nice!

The only downside was they forgot our drinks, new staff apparently but they were so pleasant and apologised profusely, preparing our coffees in takeaway cups and giving us chocolate treats to say sorry! How cool is that!

I enjoyed my coffee, it was really nice and tasty and the right heat for a long black, so 10/10 for you Milk & Honey, I will certainly be coming back Please note this cafe is only open Monday - Fridays and closes at 3pm

For my thing to make this week, I created a unique 21st gift for my eldest daughter who is a bit of a party girl! Flowers sadly die but this crazy bunch of her favourite minutures with cocktail mixers and crazy straws etc will leave her with something to keep for a little longer!

To make it, I purchased a small bucket and painted it silver (Ideally a silver metal bucket would have been better but I couldnt find one anywhere. I used a florist sponge inside to stick the skewers into and prettied up the base with some pretty pink tinsel that went with the pink 21st decoration I purchased.I then hot glued everything to skewers and stuck them into the foam base to create a flower like arrangement. The crazy straws were also stuck onto skewers so they could be used, Im sure florists foam wouldnt taste very nice so this seemed the best idea! hopefully she likes it!

Posted: Monday 18 November 2013

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