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Week 38 The Coffee Club base and a hair flower for me!

Week 38 The Coffee Club base and a hair flower for me!

This is probably my least favourite to date; the Coffee Club at the Base being part of a cafe chain I'd expected it to be much better!

This cafe at the Base in Hamilton is situated by the Warehouse and Post Office and is usually quite busy, probably due to its prominent position on the road side and modern look I'm guessing.

The thing that struck me the most was the horrendous prices, a medium mocha chino was $6.10 so I'd have expected a sprinkle of gold dust on it for that price, but no it was quite ordinary and disappointing; when other cafes go to the effort of adding a little treat on the side of their coffees for a much lesser price I'd have hoped for at least a decent tasting coffee if not a mini treat but nooooo, nada!

I didn't feel like staying for an Americano, I hate to think which arm or leg they would want to take for that and if a chocolate disguised coffee didn't taste fine then I didn't have high expectations for a straight black coffee!

Sad to say Coffee Club but you were a let down, a measly 2/10 and that was for the convenience of being near where we had parked. I don't think I'll go back, as I doubt your prices will change to being more reasonable any time soon. 

So craft-wise I made a pretty purple flower to wear in my hair. I made the pencil skirt earlier in the year and havent found any hair accessories that would go with it so why not make my own. I used a pattern for this and Ill share that with you so you can make them too its a McCalls pattern #M6047

I prefer my hair flowers to be flatter rather than 3D style so i chose style G and used a bit of black lace with purple glass beads to dress it up a bit and here it is 

Posted: Thursday 21 November 2013

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