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Week 39 The Firepot Cafe and another pin cushion

Week 39 The Firepot Cafe and another pin cushion

The Firepot cafe is on Gordonton Road which is a main thoroughfare from and to Auckland so its not uncommon to see out of towers here, in fact we saw good old TK from Shortland St aka Ben Mitchell  here once!

We were on our way back from Auckland this time and thought we would stop in for a quick coffee. The place has expanded quite a bit since the last time we were here so business must be good, there was even a function room which looked really nice, something to keep in mind for small soirees!

The coffee was quite nice but compared to other cafes it wasn't as flavoursome. The service was good and the cafe had a homely appeal that made it feel comfortable. I liked how it wasn't just one big huge space, with all the nooks and crannies it had that intimacy that most places don't seem to be able to achieve.

All in all I'm rating the Firepot cafe a 7/10 but that's only because other places make such exceptional coffee. I'd still go back here, its a nice place!

I made another pincushion tihs time, its one of the little hat ones but this time for me as they one i had originally made was so old, it had gone almost flat and changed colour! I had some scraps of black material with micro spots which seemed perfect, finished off with some white lace and ribbon.


Posted: Saturday 23 November 2013

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