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Week 41, The verandah and an upcycled piece of knitwear

Week 41, The verandah and an upcycled piece of knitwear

In Hamilton we have a lake, yes that's right a large body of water that isn't part of our river, the other large body of water we are known to have. At lake rotoroa which is near the Waikato Hospital there is a lovely cafe called the Verandah, its modern and funky and always always busy! Their extensive range of food is interesting and tasty and not only do they serve coffee, they are licences too so you can enjoy a wine or beer with on the deck or inside if its not the best of weather.

While we were there we watched Nessian Mystic film a small video clip, I'll try and upload it to here, it was quite fascinating! You can't hear anything but you get the idea from the movement!

I ordered a mochachiono here, seems I'm drinking them more often these days, which is really unusual as I don't like milk! Must be calcium deficient or something?

Anyway my coffee was really nice, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the service was quick and cheerful the only thing I felt it needed was a more personalised feel, as it did seem a bit like "whose next" but hey it's a busy place its hard to do that all the time I guess 7/10


I did an upcycle garment this week, I've had this lovely teal jersey for ages and never worn it, I didn't like the high neck and always felt it was a little plain so I turned it into a cardigan.

After slicing up the front I overlooked the edges turned them back

adding a piece of gathered lace in a similar colour and adding matching buttons to bring it all together. I didn't want to sew in buttonholes, they're fiddly and I can be known to fail never mind I don't usually button my cardigans up anyway. Instead I added in a large hook and eye midway so I can join it together if I wish to! here is the finished result, much prettier I think!

Posted: Monday 25 November 2013

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