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Week 42, A Coffee i couldnt finish and another Hair flower!

Week 42, A Coffee i couldnt finish and another Hair flower!

Smith & Mckenzie is an award winning restaurant, they make amazing steak meals and  its a nice place to go for an after work drink or three but not so much for coffee sadly. There are a few cafes in the Chartwell area but I've been to them all now and with only limited time to spare we thought surely they would be able to make pretty good coffee, the machine it self looked impressive after all!

We paid up front (first mistake!) and were told to take a seat and they would bring our drinks over! 15 minutes later they saw us looking around and finally got on to some lacklustre bean grinding.

The results were not good, in fact this is the first time I couldn't finish my drink, being a mochachino you would have thought it would have been alright. I can make a better one myself on the old cafe espresso instant machine at work! Im sorry to say but It tasted watery and bland and was very disappointing. I'm just glad I didn't order an Americano, I hate to think how that would have turned out!

I know its a restaurant and that it wasn't their busiest time (we were the only people there!) but I would have expected better service, the late arrival of our drinks only made it more obvious how bored/tired/uninterested the waitress was, she didn't even check to see if we were happy, maybe our barely touched drinks would tell her something, but to be honest I wish we hadn't paid up front because they werent worth a cup of cold water 0/10

My craft was yet again a hair flower, I found i couldnt get a flower in the right colour for one of my favourite skirts so I searched out some matchy matchy fabric and made my own, here it is -

Posted: Tuesday 26 November 2013

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