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Week 45, Scooters Cafe and a tissue box cover

Week 45, Scooters Cafe and a tissue box cover

Scooters is a cafe on the corner of Pembroke and Palmerston street over by the hospital and the lake in Hamilton. I think they get their name from being next door to a mobility scooter but please correct me if I'm wrong on that! I've been here before and last time it wasn't a good experience in fact the coffee was so terrible I wasn't all that keen to return! As time is really limited right now I haven't been able to go to new cafes due to work and being needed somewhere else recently 24/7 so I thought I'd pop in here on the way past and give them a second chance. I ordered a mochachino to go as I was a bit scared to go with my usual Americano and I didn't have time to wait around.

The decor here is a bit basic but they are working with a really old building so i can imagine it isnt easy. There are a couple areas to sit down including a nice outdoor area which would be good on a sunny day (Today wasn't sunny!) there were nice looking cakes in the cabinet including really impressive looking gluten free ones which is important to me with a couple coeliacs in the family, so we most likely would come back here at some stage, It helps that the coffee was good today too, nice and rich and creamy like a good mochachino should be! 8/10 for Scooters.


I created a tissue box cover today, its in baby blue for my grandsons nursery. I used a standard box of tissues as my guide and simply traced around the base and the sides to create a folded out box version in heavy card, foam wadding and the chosen fabric which was about 1" bigger around all sides to leave something to stick down. I'm going to create a tutorial on my new blog on upcycling so I can show you how to create these yourself.

Once I'd glued the material over the foam and cardboard and it had dried I was able to sew the sides together and this is the finished result. Girls ones I add lace to the tissue opening as it makes it tidier and a bit prettier!


Posted: Saturday 14 December 2013

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