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Week 46 Cafe 547 and a shabby chic green flower

Week 46 Cafe 547 and a shabby chic green flower

Cafe 547 was my friends cafe and I worked here briefly a while back to help her out. I also usually have my artwork here so I know the place well. I've always enjoyed the coffee and atmosphere here but since it has new owners I thought maybe it was time to try it again and do a review. The staff are lovely and friendly and the coffee was pretty good, I would give it a 6/10 for the Americano and 7/10 for the mochachino Cafe 547 is at 529 Grey street in Hamilton East, it caters for the clinics, schools and hospitals nearby as well as being a busy week day cafe.


This week I've made another hair flower, its a shabby chic one and I made it out of off cuts from the next dress I am making. The little spider embellishment is from an old hair clip that the back broke off, I had kept it hoping to use it again somehow and it seemed to make a perfect centrepiece for this green delight! Now to wear it a few times so it shabby's up a bit more.

Posted: Monday 16 December 2013

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