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Week 47, Mavis & Co and a Christmas idea

Week 47, Mavis & Co and a Christmas idea

My new favourite café is Mavis & Co over Hamilton East, I’ve heard good reports on this place since it opened but haven’t got around to going there until this week and wow have I been missing something. On the outside it looks a little bit small and unassuming and to be honest it’s easy to miss being back off the road and behind a video store and a car park, but it certainly isn’t what I expected. This place is like a Tardis, its bigger than I thought and much more sophisticated, it’s got an old-worldly feel to it and the first thing that hits you is a very impressive food cabinet absolutely groaning with interesting cakes that are something else again, I wish I could have taken a photo to show you but that would have seemed weird I think! You simply must go check it out if you haven’t already! I ordered a mochachino with my brunch and it was delicious, I can safely say Id be more than happy to order a long black here, the barista really knows what they’re doing.  I even love how they serve it, the retro saucer just won me over and pink marshmellows well……. What can I say!

Mavis & Co is at 475 Grey Street Hamilton East, here is their website for more info

My craft this week was a quick one, no time with 13 hour days at work and needing to dress up the Christmas table I thought I’d go with something for the cutlery! I used felt for these little Christmas trees and I think they look pretty smart but I might make bigger ones next year with a heavier felt fabric.

Posted: Friday 20 December 2013

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