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Week 48, The Talisman and some 'ahem' personal items!

Week 48, The Talisman and some 'ahem' personal items!

The Talisman Cafe is on the way to Waihi where we went for a day at the beach. We have never stopped here before having detoured to the winery a bit further up when we have stopped in this area but I really preffered a coffee today and this place looked interesting. Its got a fabulous walkway up to the cafe which is an old family home from wha we could see from all the photos on the walls inside, a sort of log cabin and quite cute to be honest!

It is a work in progress but as it is, its a really pretty garden with bridges, all sorts of trees and plants and sculptures etc and this feature, which we simply had to include-

Even the coffee looked pretty good, and with a message, how cool is that -

Unfortunately it wasnt the nicest coffee to taste, Id gone with the safe option of a mochachino but it really tased nothing like it looked, the chocolate was yucky syrupy stuff and the coffee was bland and tasteless. So sad as I'd had high hopes for it. 5/10 sorry!

My daughter having had her baby is contending with breastfeeding and we had a moment of not enough breast-feeding pads that were clean and dry so I thought why not whip some up on the overlocker. I made them slightly larger and used some really absorbant towelling. The outside pieces are in a flesh tone so theyre not too obvious which was received very well! Im told they are much better than the brought ones so Im pleased about that!

Posted: Sunday 22 December 2013

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