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Week 49 Cafe Strata and Mary Lou

Week 49 Cafe Strata and Mary Lou

Cafe Strata is the cafe attached to our local A&E clinic and Ive been there a few times before. They ahve a fabuluos range of food in their cabinets and make great coffee so i was happy to order an americano as i knew it would be good. Cafe Strata gets an 8/10 for their efforts, i was quite happy with my cup of coffee and would have stayed for a mochachino if id had the time.

I finished a painting this week, it was a special request for a redo of the Opps Oh My painting of the mary-Lou wooden doll that id donated to charity recently. The lady who ordered it was absolutely gutted that it had sold and not to her at auction so she asked me to recreate it for her. i dont do copies as I like my work to be original so this time I did the bead off on the other side and altered the beads around as a re-thread gone wrong. They were reallly happy with the results. I wish my photo of it was better but hey, I know the actual painting was great so thats all that matters!

Posted: Monday 23 December 2013

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