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Week 50, Yakos and a pacifier clip

Week 50, Yakos and a pacifier clip

Ok so it was Boxing day but since there were only a handful of cafes open you would think this one would have been a little more organised. Yako's is a cafe on Victoria Sreet close by the Le Grand Hotel. We ordered mochachinos only to be told they didnt make them, I could have a coffee or a hot chocolate, Im guessing no one has told then thats what a mochachino was, a mix pf the two! Oh we,, lets go for an americano then......would you like the cold milk on the side or in it? Crikey, obviously no idea so I said to my hubby, I dont think I want to stay here! We had placed our orders for brunch so thuoght we had better stay but noooooo, we dont have salmon for your eggs bennie! We cancelled our order and headed off to the next open cafe. So Im sorry i couldnt tell you what the coffee was like, and Im never going back to try it either. 0/10 

My craft this week was a pacifier clip. as our wee baby keeps spitting his pacifier out. i made it out of the same fabric i used for his tissuebox cover. Its a nice firm heavy cotton so perfect for this.

I used a suspender clip for the clothing attachment end and a loop of elactic for the pacifier which was a good idea as we changed the pacifer type to ne that doesnt have a good sized opening on it!

Posted: Thursday 26 December 2013

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