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Week 51 Cafe Rebo and another pretty dress

Week 51 Cafe Rebo and another pretty dress

Our disappointing Boxing day experience at another cafe saw us heading into the casino as we knew their cafes would be open and very functional! Cafe Rebo is the first cafe as you walk through the doors, it also has a restuarant section. We ordered our coffees and brunch and it was really really good! I had a mochachino which was tasty and  and came with fluffy marshmellows which is always a bonus! The brunch was lovely, the decor was pretty and the service was really good too! 8/10 for Rebo. I'd go back as i felt confident they will make a good americano too!

Im really keen on making lots of pretty new dresses and this was one pattern i keep meaning to try. Its McCalls M5094 and I've made one of the styles a couple times. i made it out of a pretty teal and blue cotton which seemed a little too bright so I dipped it into a solution of tea to antique it a bit more. Im going to cover off how to do this sort of thing in my new blog for 2014. Watch this space!!!

Heres the dress, I would have modelled it but it was a bad hair and no makeup day, not the best of looks! Im gonig to wear it with a cream belt -

And this is the back of it, a special surprise i wasnt expecting when i dragged the pattern pieces out -

Posted: Friday 27 December 2013

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