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Week 52, Scotts Epicurean and and a necklace design

Week 52, Scotts Epicurean and and a necklace design

Scott's Epicurean is a gorgeous cafe on Victoria Street, I saved it as my special last as I knew it was really good and wouldnt disappoint me! Scotts is an old worldy yet sophistictaed modern cafe thats always pumping. it was high ornate fresco ceilings and a pretty courtyard out back. Its very Auckland or Wellington so i guess you could say we are damn lucky to have it here!

The foods great and the staff are amazing, i watched the lovely gentleman barista create the coffee, it was a joy to watch as he seemed to really enjoy his job. And guess what the mochachino i ordered was simply divine, so going out on a high here, real chocolate and delicious creamy coffee. 10/10 Scotts, Ill always come back to you!

So what did I create, well I cheated a little here, i made this eariler in the year but I didnt show it until now as its the start of something new, Im gonig to be donig something special withg these, This little black cat is hand-painted by yours truly and with a glass cabochon  finish it looks pretty special.

Posted: Saturday 28 December 2013

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