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Recap for the 52 Project and Whats New?

Wow what a year 2013 was. I haven't posted for a while because I've been planning my revamp for this blog, turning it into a more informative site with actual step by step advice on how I make things as that's what I'm told some of you want! There is also a new look for the site and a new name for the blog, an idea by my lovely friend Yvonne Milroy, reCOLLETTEtions, so keen to hear what you all think of the new site and the rename? feel free to leave a comment at the end

Lets recap on the 52 Project for 2013 as I actually managed to complete it at the 11th hour with the last few cafes visited before 2014 kicked in! it was literally to the line with several cafes visited on or around boxing day and beleive me it wasnt easy finding any actually open!

My idea behind the project was to visit 52 different cafes to get a real taste of what was around rather than visit the same three places I always seem to favor. It opened up a whole plethora of interesting places for me and I'm delighted to say Id go back to most of them again. I've found a couple new favorites as well and cant wait to drag my Auckland buddies along to them when they're down this way next!

Top of my list in no particular order are, Scott's Epicurean, Mavis & Co and French Tart Cafe.

There were also some really tragic places, I know long blacks can be a bitter brew but some of these places left such a bad taste in my mouth I'd never go back, I'm not going to name and shame them again, you can read my reviews and find out who didn't do so well. Some I will give a second chance as I liked some aspects of their setups and didn't feel I could judge them on a coffee that may have been created by an inexperienced barista on that particular day.

As for my making 52 different things, it was easy in that I tend to make stuff all the time anyway as I'm a creative soul and I enjoy finding projects, the end result is so satisfying when you can make something yourself.

There was of course the repeat of some things like hair flowers or wine, but hey each flower or batch of home-brew vino was different to the others so it all counted. As promised the last one for the year has a followup, the cabochon necklace. Here is the first of my new line of necklaces, I designed the tattoo based on rockabilly designs and shrunk it down to fit the necklace findings, then painstakingly hand-painted the image to create this finish. I'd be keen to hear what you think about these.

I wanted to utlise the fascination i have for all things rockabilly and designed my own version of favourite tattoos, so i got in a bit of drawing over the holiday period and have come up with three new designs im happy with. After perfecting the drawings, it was a case of shrinking them down and then carefully hand-painting them with the help of a magnifying glass 

The next stage was sealing in the paintwork with a coat of varnish on both sides and then sealing into the cabochen setting with diamond glaze. This is the first design finished with more to come. I'd love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment below

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Posted: Thursday 6 February 2014

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