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Bat Crazy Shirt

Bat Crazy Shirt

This week I thought I'd go with a quick upcycle just to show how easy it is to update a simple piece into something a little more interesting with a little bit of trimming and some know how.........

I picked up this black shirt secondhand, I liked the sound of it being peplum and it was pretty much unworn. The size was a little bit big but an easy fix with some taking in of the side seams. 

I thought the peplum was a little too short compared to the rest of the shirt so I added some ribbon and lace to lengthen it, I chose purple ribbon to match the cute little Bat Iron on decal I brought from the UK, now isnt this just too cute -

The ribbon doesnt quite match in colour but its a lot closer than the photo does justice. The pleating on the ribbon gives it more substance and creates a more interesting finish I feel. I really wanted to use the Bat decal on something and this project was just perfect, I didnt want it to stand out too much and liked the idea of black on black with the wings and the eyes being the main feature and the texture of the embroidery showing the Bat outline in some lights but not making a huge issue of it so it wasntlooking like a badge or logo.

This is the finished result and Im quite pleased with it, teamed with a black pencil skirt the break with the purple inbetween finishes it off quite nicely!

Posted: Monday 17 March 2014

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