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A Retro Picnic Basket, an upcycling project

A Retro Picnic Basket, an upcycling project

My old picnic basket was looking a tad tired and wasnt really very interesting in either looks or what it contained. We have had it for many years and over that time it has aquired an ecclectic range of metal and plastic dinnerware etc that didnt match and certainly didnt say 'romantic' or 'retro' so it was time for a revamp.

As you can see it was very generic and not very pretty, so I spent some time handpainting the wicker. A spray paint would have got into every nook and cranny but it wasnt the look I wanted, I preferred a more distressed finsih so a wide brush and a steady hand along with a heap of patience and I achieved the finish I was after The paint I used was a Dulux one called Mermaid Splash, a divine retro teal shade.

The plan was to do a coat of dry brushed cream paint afterwards but i thought it looked fine as is and left it teal with some of the brown showing through, this helped with the tartan interior as it had the potetial to clash. I had also planned on replacing the material inside but it would have meant removing all the straps and rivets so not really a good idea, easier to buy a new one!

The next thing to do was replace the ugly old plates and cups and add in a few extras like a matching cutting board and knife and cutlery that actually matched!

I found it hard sourcing decent plastic dinnerware but came across this range at the Plastic Shop and fell in love with the little ant design on the rim, how cute is this?

All in all I think I didnt do too bad a job of making this old picnic basket look fresh and new with a retro style that just makes me want to organise an old fashioned picnic every weekend, now to get some time to do that!

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Posted: Monday 24 March 2014

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