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Lighthouse Lamp Upcycle

Lighthouse Lamp Upcycle

I found this ordinary old beige lamp in an op and thought its shape would make a good lighthouse style lamp for my grandsons room. which we were styling in a beach type theme. We already had the lampshade from another broken lamp.

The first job was to paint it with an undercoat and then a couple layers of a top coat all in white, I used masking tape to make sure i didnt paint the cord or the light fitting.

To create the lighthouse stripes i again used masknig tape to get the stripes clean and tidy although I musnt have done it properly as there was still a little bit of bleeding. I recommend running your nail along the edges to make sure it sticks well, as i was using a sponge to apply the paint i didnt think it was necessary, but no I was soooo wrong!


I wanted the stripes to be a little more rustic so i used a sea sponge and dabbed the paint on. Lucky for me i have a steady hand so i was able to touch up the bleeding with a fine brush! The colour I used for this was Taubmans 'Rudolph Blue'

To compliment the dark blue I masked up the lamp again (Not an easy task on something that isnt perfectly round or square surface!) and used Dulux 'Motukiekie' a pretty pale blue.

Stage two- The lamp shade. I desided it would look good with rustic old rope on it as I am using some for the Toy Bin I'm also upcycling. To do this I had to chop up some rope and it wasnt easy, a good sharp knife did the trick

It didnt look quite finished as the lampshade is quite large compared to the lamp so I thought some starfish would look good. I couldnt find a decent stamp anywhere so i created my own out of a potato. Make sure you test it beofre using it on your project. I found that stamping it 3 to 4 times on paper first gave me the right distressed look i was after but i had to do that every time i used it for each impression. I think it was worth the effort.

And here is the finished effort. Quite pleased with it to be honest!

Posted: Monday 7 April 2014

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