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The heart Shirt revamp

The heart Shirt revamp

I found this blue sleeveless shirt at an op , it was in excellent condition and i really liked it for the colour more than anything else. I didnt however like the cut or fit of it, it seemed a little too boring for me so it became this weeks restyle project.

The first thing I did was insert some black panels under each arm so that i could start creating the peplum effect by flaring the panels out at the bottom. To do this, i simply cut up the sideseams, took out a panel and recut in black what i wanted adding in a couple cms on each side at the base., once in serted I sewed down all the edges and neaten the finished seams. ignore the extra piece at the bottom that was eventually cut off and neaten to match into the bottom seams.

Next up I pinned in some darts on both the front and the back to create a better fit and to continue with the peplum effect i am creating.

The best part was up next, creating the heart cutout, to do this I drew a heart shape in the size i needed on a piece of paper and tested it on the shirt to make sure it was the right size and that it fitted between the buttons at the right spot. I needed it to sit just above the bottom button  of where i wanted to do it upto so that it would sit nicely. Placement is important as you dont want to show too much cleavage or bra straps etc.

Once in position I drew around it with tailors chalk before cutting it out.

An important part ot retain the shape of the heart was to use some fabric glue to stop the edges fraying, i could have overlocked it but I risked destroying the shape and this iwas much easier if somewhat messier, a tip here, watch where else you get the glue as i made a spot on the side of the shirt which i dotn think is gonig to come out now!

The glue doesnt take long to dry but i thought while it was doing its thing I'd add the black lace onto it to add in mroe staying power rather than just sewing it on. Another tip here, do this on a plastic board to save gluing it to something that wont come off. I did do it properly, ok, just giving you that word of wisdom while I thought about it!

So heres the finished heart shape cut out with the lace all dried and sewen onto the fabric. to help it keep its shape a little hook and eye on the tip of the heart helps hold it together.

and heres the finished garment once id added on a strip of black lace at the bootm to complete the peplum effect. much prettier i think1

Posted: Monday 14 April 2014

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