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Skater dress to Swing dress Refashion

Skater dress to Swing dress Refashion

I brought this cute little skater dress for only $20.00  in a half price sale with an extra 20% off, hows that for a score. Its made from a lovely slight stretch heavy cotton so a nice weight for winter. I plan on wearing it with a matching pink cardi and some seamed stockings for the cooler months even if it is summer colours! Who needs to go dark.

The problem with this dress is its length, its too short for me, I prefer the swing dress length, so how to fix that, well add in some layers. I thought about sticking with black or white but then I had this whole roll of pale pink cotton lace that just seemed too cute to not use and it was the right length if I put in two layers of it.

I did make a really stupid mistake when I started, I thought it was a little tight to get over my ample chest, risking ripping stitches as I didnt see the hidden side zip duh! I cut down the back and added in a wee zip at the waistband only to see the actual zip after donig the damage. To fix this I ended up cutting down the whole length and adding in strip of the pink lace as simply sewing it back together would have made it slightly too tight, it was just perfect once I had it past my bust after all, pre finding the zip! I thought it was a good alternative, and I knew it would work once Id added the other embellishments

As you can see from this photo there is a bare back panel which was okay I suppose but as i wanted this to be a winter dress I desided to fill it in with more pink lace

I felt there was a need for a bow, this lace was making it too easy, I simply cut out two rectangles and sewed them together with the lace edge  on the outside and a smaller piece to become the middle,

I turned them both inside out and then overlocked the middle strip over the large bow pieces gathering them together to create  a pretty bow

I didnt want to sew it onto the dress as I felt it would be better if it was movable as it looked cute on the back

and when Im wearing a cardi it would be better on the front either on the tip of the V-neckline or to the side like a flower, or hey even as a hair accessory. This is super easy to do, simply sew or hot glue a clip and pin on the back making it much more versatile

As you can see from the photos of the finished dress i have added in the two layers of lace at the bottom to lengthen it from skater to swing dress. The best way to work out what length you need is to measure it against another favourite dress. 

I measured around the bottom of the dress marking it with tailors chalk to keep it the same length and then cut the bottom off. I then over-locked the edges and sewed the layers back on, matching seams and overlapping each piece so you can see the pretty edging of the lace. if you were just using other material its simple to just over-lock it in the layers and then top stitch to finish neatly.

Im really happy with this dress, i might even wear it tomorrow!

Posted: Monday 28 April 2014

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